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Hemispheres@40 June 30th 2018

After the 40 Years of Rush event last year, it was quite a challenge to convey the after event thoughts with confidence and conviction. We were also left wondering where do we go from here?

It would have been easy to play safe and simply follow with replacing and to an extent recycling material, but we chose to rebuild and exclude certain standards to ensure dedication to thought laden; and ultimately a physically demanding set.

Hemispheres@40 - An adventure in musical calisthenics…

From the moment of stepping on the stage, we were hit with an electrically charged audience, an emotional wave of lovely people, filled with anticipation and excitement of what we would bring to this gathering.

For us, as musicians, it was an absolute thrill, privilege and honour to perform the whole of what we believe to be one the most challenging Rush albums to one of the very best, willing and most appreciative audiences.

Again, and with apologies to paraphrasing; without YOU, we could not have achieved this.

We wish we could wrap you all up and take you home…

The Big Thank You…

How can we thank such a large gathering, we didn’t envisage that it would be just as challenging as last year to do so;

We didn’t anticipate such support, nor the noise level created in collective harmony, my personal favourite moment being in Cygnus Bringer Of Balance; and yes you did bring a tear to my eye, a momentary loss of senses as I fell into your abyss of emotion…

We're going to need a bigger PA;

There were times you were louder than us...

I recall offering to have you all back for tea, for that I would have to have extend my modest mansion into large palace, perhaps we can collectively work on a Grand Design.

For the travellers, may the stars always guide you along a safe path...


The SIV crew for being marvellous with their organisation and providing an excellent sound crew (Keeble the engineer, is a Rush fan…), Tim and his crew for the lighting and Steve Russ for filming.

A special mention for our fabulous Shreves, whom we could have not organised ourselves without…

Sue Pearson, wonderful band host and someone we all depend on for guidance (and keeps us fed…); Matt Edgington, stage right, centre and lift!; Clifford Mould, Stage Left; Daisy Etell, set lists (Diane Mould, chaperone!); and Andrew Marlow who simply does what he can to assist, but most importantly makes us all smile!

For you all, a thank you is clearly not enough in our minds, but you will forever be in our hearts.

Now what we do…? Pod, Dean and Neil.