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So, where do I plug in?

Pedals, Modelling, or Rack Mount System...? The big question that many of us ask when attempting to create something for ourselves and something of quality for others. It will always depend on how a musician will utilise an amplifier, whether it is the primary driver, or secondary to the optional modules. In my case, my Rack Mount system is the driver and the amplifier is secondary, or simply utilised as a monitor (using the stereo return inputs), so regardless of how large or, small the venue, my guitar sound remains the same. With such a diverse amount of products available for musicians at varying prices to suit, it’s an area where you either succeed fairly quickly, or fall into an endles

Sheffield, coming home...

It will be our pleasure to once again adorn this wonderful stage at this beautiful venue. On this occasion, it's to represent a landmark for three musicians who have been recreating the essence of the best Rush music for the past fifteen years. For something that started as a simple idea with no essential forward planning and the thought that ‘we’ll probably only do one gig…’, it’s turned out to be quite a journey, and one that will certainly continue for the foreseeable future. As much as any event where we perform is treated with a seriousness and thought of concept, this particular celebration has forced us into some challenges, both physically and mentally. We are not out to just give ou