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Marlow's Mailbox...

Well thanks for all the correspondence, let’s get interactive, first one right in here please...

Dear Marlow, Who is your favourite Brav and why?

GH Bolton

Marlow says, It’s Deano by a mile, Smig does that wet towel flicky flicky thing on your legs all the time and Pod can be a bit mean with the biscuits. Deano on the other hand always shares his Caramac with me and Matt and sometimes let’s me wear his gloves if it’s not too cold and he’s not using them.

Dear Marlow Was just wondering what occurs in the dressing room before a Bravado gig, any rituals, habits, superstitions or anything?

FB Southport

Marlow says, It’s always the same. Pod is a massive fan of Latin poetry and classical music, so while he secretes himself in a quiet corner with a bit of Pachobel wafting across the room whilst he pours over Civis Romanus or Veni Vidi Vici the other two go out and find sticks to use as guns, come back in, strip off, then spend the next hour running up and down the corridors playing at nudey commandos. Me and Matt have to pretend to be baddies intent on blowing up the world, then get caught and tortured and say things like ‘and we’d have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those damned nudey commandos.’ Always have to laugh when Mrs Pod gets disturbed whilst putting out the food by two naked idiots pushing past her saying ‘sorry ma’am, nudey commandos’

Dear Marlow And the men who hold high places must be the the ones who start ,to mould a new reality Closer to the heart.

NP Toronto

Marlow says, Sorry but I firmly believe that new reality moulding is the responsibility of everyone and not necessarily just men who hold high places, if they want to start it, fair enough. Still, that’s just me.

Anyway thanks for that, keep em coming and I’ll speak to you soon Marlow.

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