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Oh No, It's Marlow...

Our friend, confidante and PR representative (so he tells us...).

He's been with us for a thousand years, through thick and thin and knows many of our secrets, this is why we can't leave the country...

Whatever you're into, whatever you want to know and whatever you believe, forget it as Marlow will dispel everything, you have been warned...


Long time no see...


Bit of a legal battle going on this end. Apparently someone pretending to be Pod has been running all over the country doing book signings.

In an act of pure retaliation Pod will in the next couple of months be releasing his guide to seafood cooking entitled 'Pod Pearson's Big Beautiful Book Of Sea Bass' featuring such culinary delights as Pods Cod, Neil's Eels, Prog Prawns, RickenSnapper, Crab Avacado Bravado, Digital Guitar Tuna (please god make it stop).


Anyway there will be several book signing events at a series of bus shelters in Rotherham, specifics to follow.


I broke into Pods publishers recently and stole a bit of the transcript to give you a sneaky peak into the forthcoming masterpiece, don't know about you but I think he's onto a winner here.


Pod Pearson’s Big Beautiful Book of Sea Bass


Chapter One – Some Nice Fish


Pod’s Cod

Ingredients: Some Money & A Co-op

Cooking Time: No idea but it says it on the internet somewhere

Method: Go to the co-op and buy some Cod, put it in the oven and cook it for however long it says on the internet (remember to take the wrapper off or it tastes like crap, trust me) then take it out and put it on a plate. If you’re a good experienced cook perhaps do some oven chips and a nice tin of peas, then get a fork and eat it all up.

My wife Sue who is a professional wine expert says because it’s fish it needs to be accompanied by something white so a nice Lambrini or if you just got paid some Babysham.

Enjoy Mmmmmm

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